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  1. Welcome !

    Quite a bit of new stuff going on. Let's take a quick tour !

  2. Sort

    Finally ! Using the menu buttons, you can sort songs in various ways.

  3. Old Post

    Re-discover songs posted a while back. Do not underestimate them, they're just as good as the new ones.

  4. Search

    A nice little search function. Give it a try :)

  5. Music

    To start playing a song, click on the song title or the play button next to it.

  6. Volume

    Here you can adjust the volume. To maximum of course.

  7. Listen To That Shit !

    Play / Pause. Ok ?!

  8. What do you think?

    Rate the song, and if you really like it share it !

  9. Help us

    Use this button to suggest songs. If we like them, we'll post them ! (and thank you... and love you)

  10. Finally, follow us

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  11. Enjoy !

    Profitez bien !